Friday, July 24, 2015

Wake up Junior!-Updated

Eastern Bluebird Family

Papa Eastern Bluebird
I was lucky enough to have a family of Eastern Bluebirds in my backyard over the last few days.  The female and male were busy catching bugs in the woods and on my lawn.  An immature male was also following them around.  He was displaying some strange behavior.  Here is what I mean.
Hopefully sleepy not sick.

At one point, he was laying on the ground and I thought he was dead but when I went to investigate he flew off.  This morning, he was laying on the branch while mom and dad were catching bugs.  He flew off after them but hopefully he is healthy.  He looks really young so maybe the new task of flying makes him tired?  I am hoping for the best.  Here are some more shots of mom and dad.  

Male Eastern Bluebird

Female Eastern Bluebird 

Update- I am happy to report, I saw the Bluebird family this morning.  Junior now has his immature plumage and looked healthy.  After talking to some fellow birders online, it seems  Junior was probably trying to get rid of parasites by lying flat on the ground or on the tree branch.  

Have you ever seen immature bird acting like this?  Tell us about in the comments.

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