Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Snowy Start to April

First Eastern Phoebe of the Season

Today, I saw the familiar tail bob of a common flycatcher to my yard every spring.  The Eastern Phoebe was back but unfortunately for him the weather had taken a weird turn and we had gotten our biggest snow storm of the year on Monday.  It was in no way a blizzard but 4 or 5 inches of snow and temperatures well under freezing can make life challenging for a bird that feeds on mostly flying insects.  He did his typical behavior of perching on a branch or bush while bobbing his tail and then taking off in search of flying insects.  There is none that I can see.  I did some quick research and Eastern Phoebes will eat some small fruits and seeds at times.  I would imagine this would be one of those times.  Let's hope this little guy can find enough to eat until the weather gets warmer again.  

My feeders have been busy with the snow and colder temperatures.  The Northern Cardinals and American Goldfinches have been frequent visitors, adding some color to the mostly white scene.   I guess April "snow" showers brings May flowers this year.  Happy Birding in the snow for some of you! 

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