Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Nature Walk

Lewis A. Swyer Preserve at Mill Creek

I recently made two visits to the Lewis A. Swyer Preserve in Stuyvesant, NY.  The preserve has a 1/2 mile boardwalk that starts on the side of route 9J and ends close to the Hudson River.  The Nature Conservancy owns the preserve and it is home to a rare freshwater tidal swamp.  

The boardwalk made the trek easy and also helps to protect the plant-life from being trampled.

On both of my trips, I was greeted by a doe and her fawn.  I believe it was the same two each time.  

A little ways down the trail on my second visit, I spotted a large Snapping Turtle sunning itself on a log.

The birds were numerous and very active on both visits like this Eastern Wood Pee-wee.  

There were many Catbirds "meowing" during both visits.  

Red-wing Blackbird perched near the Hudson River.  

Red-eyed Vireo( I think) foraging in the trees. 

A Song Sparrow(I think) perched near Mill Creek.  

 An Eastern Kingbird perched by the water.  

There is an observation tower at the end of the trail to get a good look of the Hudson River.  I heard Bald Eagles chattering nearby and I saw other water birds like gulls, herons, ducks flying near the Hudson River.  

A tugboat went by during one of my visits.  

A Double-crested Cormorant was taking a nap on a log on Mill Creek on my walk back.  He woke up to give me a good look of him.  

For more information on the Nature Conservancy and areas they protect like this preserve click here.   
Happy Birding and enjoy the great fall weather.  

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