Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hawk Report for 3/23

Still No Eggs yet...

Yesterday, The Red-shouldered Hawk pair was perched together. This morning, The pair was perched again together for a short time.  The nesting season for them still hasn't started.  It should be soon though.  I believe that they got started last season in late-March or early-April.  Once the female lays eggs, she will be incubating for about 30 days.  A little bit shorter than their larger cousin the Bald Eagle.  While a lot of Bald Eagle pairs share the incubating duties, Red-shouldered Hawk females do about 95% or more of the incubating.  The male will be busy getting food for both them.  She likes to "scream" at him from the nest and I have heard this a number of times overt the nesting season.  

I have always been a little hesitant to name nesting raptors.  I know it's pretty common on the nest cams but I just haven't ever done it for any of the Bald Eagle pairs that I have watched.  Should I name the Red-shouldered Hawk pair? What do you think?

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