Monday, March 7, 2016

The Tale of the Squirrels and Hawks part 2

The Squirrels are at it again!

The squirrels continue to mess with the Red-shouldered Hawk pair who have been spending a lot of time in my backyard this last week.  The breeding season has started and they have been copulating a lot in the last two days.  The female should soon be laying her eggs in the nest.  It got me to thinking if this curiosity of the squirrels was due to some pheromones being released by the breeding hawks? I guess it's possible.  It just seems that the squirrels are drawn to the hawks like two magnets.

Right before this shot, these two were beak to nose.   This is the squirrel heading back down the branch after the encounter.  Maybe, it is something about the scent of the breeding hawks that is drawing the squirrels?  We'll probably never know the reason but it sure has been entertaining to watch.   Read part one of the tale here.  Stay tune for the answers to the latest "Which is Which- Cooper's or Sharp-shinned hawk?" post.  You can look at it here.

Happy Birding and the start of the breeding season!

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