Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Look Who is Back!

Cooper's Hawk Hunting

I haven't seen much of the Red-Shouldered Hawk pair in the past few weeks.  I do hear them quite a bit back in the woods.  This is probably a call for food for the little one(s) in the nest.  While they have been busy with raising their young, the Cooper's Hawk has taken advantage and started hunting in my backyard.  

This one actually stayed long enough for me to get a shot of it.  I believe it is a female from it's rather large size.  She tried unsucessfully to catch either a chipmunk or small bird before this shot.  Then she perched above fallen tree where the lucky almost prey was able to hide from her till she flew off.  

The male Red-Shouldered Hawk hunting in my yard back in late March.

I noticed more evidence of the Cooper's Hawk hunting in my yard when I noticed a pile of Morning Dove feathers near one of the my feeders.  The Red-Shouldered Hawks haven't taken a dove that I have seen so I think it was the Cooper's Hawk work.

I guess it is the way of nature of the birds of prey.  When the Red-Shouldered Hawks aren't defending their territory, other predators like the Cooper's Hawk will encroach.   

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