Friday, July 22, 2016

Feathers on Friday for 7/22

Turkey Vulture in Flight

Happy Friday!  This Turkey Vulture was circling near my house looking for something.  The Red-shouldered Hawk family was not very happy and they were sounding the alarm until the vulture finally left the area.

Enjoy the warm weather and your weekend!  Happy Birding!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Feathers on Friday for 7/15

Scarlet Tanager

Happy Friday!  I was struggling to find a picture to post today and then this molting male Scarlet Tanager paid a visit to my yard.  What a striking bird! Have a great weekend and Happy Birding!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Feathers on Friday for 7/8

Trip to Canada

Happy Friday! Happy Belated Canada Day and 4th of July!  We traveled up north for Canada Day in Quebec this year.  I got this shot of a male Peacock at Parc Safari.  We travel up there every summer to spend a few days checking out the animals and playing in the water park with my two boys. 

We mixed it up this year and stayed in Venise-en-Quebec right on Lake Champlain.  I grew up in Vermont so I have spent a lot of time near and on the lake but it was fun to check it out from over the border.  I did get to do some birding in the morning on the lake before trips to Montreal and Parc Safari.  There was nothing too exciting but I did get a shot of this Snow Goose walking on the beach near our hotel.

Have a great weekend and Happy Birding!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Be Careful of What is Lurking...

Junior Practicing Hunting

The immature Red-shouldered Hawk has been busy practicing hunting in my yard since his first visit.
I have seen two unsuccessful attempts at getting, what I think was, a Chipmunk from under this feeder.  The birds and squirrels in my yard like usual are very unconcerned with his presences.  I guess you never know since Red-shouldered Hawks do take birds but so far junior has stuck to trying to master the art of hunting rodents.

Here is a shot of him from his first visit.  I have seen very little of the adult pair.  Maybe they allow their offspring to figure it out on his own?  Typically, the parents keep feeding the newly fledged hawks for a time but I'm not sure if they are still doing this or not.

Happy Birding and enjoying the new additions to the bird world!