Friday, May 27, 2016

Feathers on Friday for 5/27

Red-Winged Blackbird

It's been a long week and half since my hard drive died on my laptop.  I'm finally up again though I did lose some pictures.  I guess the lesson is to backup your computer more often.  

I was visited by this male Red-winged Blackbird at one of the Bald Eagle nests last weekend.  He was really showing off his red wing probably to attract a mate.  In the first shot, he is calling and puffing out his feathers for all to see.  

Update: If you have read the blog for a awhile, you know I have a nesting pair of Red-shouldered Hawks in the woods behind my house.  It looks like one eyas has fledged.  I witnessed a noisy soaring lesson between one adult and one juvenile over my house this week.  I'm hoping I can get a shot of the juvenile soon.  Happy Memorial Day weekend and Happy birding!

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