Thursday, July 30, 2015

Uninvited Guest Part 2

The Bear problem

Nothing happened for over a year.  I found no evidence that the bear was still visiting.  I placed bird seed on a plate so I could remove it every night.  That worked well for awhile.  

The second encounter

My dog was recovering from knee surgery and I was taking him out the front door since there was no stairs.  I took my dog out the front as usual in the morning and let him do his business.  We went back inside.  My deadbolt wasn't working properly so I reopened the door to fix it and this is when I saw it.  It was walking the same path through the front yard towards my feeder.  I quickly shut the door and grabbed a camera.  These are the shots I got of it through the front window of my house.  The crazy thing was it had to be close by when I was outside with my dog.  I didn't notice it at the time but my dog was sniffing the air more than usual that morning.

I watched it through the window as it walked up to my empty feeder and then kept walking through the woods.  I did some research on Black Bears and it appears this was an adult female that weighted about 85 lb. I haven't seen her since but I now have a healthy respect for these beautiful creatures and lets just say I look around before walking out my front door now.   

Have you had an encounter with a bear or other animals? Tell us in the comments or on the Facebook page here.  If you missed part one click here.

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