Thursday, July 9, 2015

Which is Which?

Crow or Raven? Can you tell?

There are some bird identifications that are very tricky and sometimes stump even the most experienced birders.  The Crow and the Raven are one of these tough IDs.  The main difference is size but it's not always clearcut.  There are some minor differences between the two. Lets have some fun and test your identification skills.  Can you ID which ones are Crows and which ones are Ravens?  






Thanks to Chandler W for the great suggestion.  Share your answers in the comments and why you think they are a Crow or Raven.  Stay tuned for the answers.  I will acknowledge the photos in the answer post.  


  1. 1-3 are crow. 4 is a raven. At first glance I thought 5 was a raven, but have conclude it is a crow due to beak and color. 5 was a tough one. The crows are duller color, have a straighter beak and square tail. Raven have shiny feathers, crooked beak and triangle tail. As you pointed out they are hard to tell apart and often wonder when I see them in the wild. D3Hockey Fan